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Contactpersons : Peter Wessendorf Topics :  Wiederansiedlung von Lachs und Meerforelle

Impairments : Migration obstacles, watermaintanance, waterpollution

Intermediate report for 2009
Final report season 2007
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Riverarea : Elbe
River: Oste
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04.03.2009: Right now there are two reports about the early efforts of reintroductions of migrating fishes available:
Stockingfigurse of the river Oste from 1981 bis 1991 and a report of the stockingcommunity of September 1991.

Yesterday (16.10.2008) Peter Wessendorf was able to take this wonderful photos at the river Oste - Peters comment :
Shortl< after the closing of the fishing season the water began to rise
- shortly after that the salmon and seatrout begin to cavort in front of out housedoor.It is always a great sight to see the power these fishes are using to jump off the water while heading for their spawning grounds.






Actual report (4.12.2007) of Peter Wessendorf :  "At the 20th of october we we fished for the first time this year, but we had only 4 seatrouts. At that time there was to few water but we tried because of our early breeding salmon (Strain: Namsen/Norway / successfully reeintroduced in 1982 !).  The second attempt on the 3rd of november was an entire success!  On a strech of about 12 km we caught fifty seatrouts and eleven salmon. Much more fishes escaped....   So far we were able to catch  19 salmon, 149 seatrouts and 14 brooktrouts . We substitute the brooktrouts because got fewer since we support the seatrouts.  I have only a few pictures of seatrout offstripping and some opictures of salmon up to 95 cm .  Of  the "real" salmon of about one meter we didn't take photos of because there is always some what hectic when catching and handeling such fishes.
Perhaps we are very much used about such fishes because for us since many years it is nothing special any more. Never the less I have attached for you some pictures of the running season, you may use them! The young man who holds the salmon ( 95 / 90 / 85cm)  is Dennis Liburg, one of our  E-fishermans - caught in the Oste around Sittensen. The huge seatrout-milter (ca. 80cm) comes from the river Ramme, a small tributary of the river Oste."

huge seatrout-milter out of the river Ramme a tributary of the river oste

striping off of a seatrout-spawner from the river Oste

Dennis Liburg with big salmonmilter...

...and salmonspawner from the river Oste.