S11 - Marklendorf


NLÖ  1990 : Weir northwest of the village Marklendorf with parallel running sluice channel. High drop, a contingent of the water is used for a hydropowerstation. Newly built up turbines.


Plannings:   New March 2010 : Starting up from november 2009 to march 2010 there is a monitoring for lampreys being conducted using a fyke  (see picture below) . First results indicate essential deficits within upstream migration. During 4.11.2009 until 3.01.2010 there were found 12 (!) fishes in the fishway - in a comparable period there were 47.572 fishes found in the control fyke at Langwedel (river Weser) an 18906 fishes in the River Ems at a place called "Bollinger Faehr"  !  

. All fish species will be registered. Rheophil species might have a negativ effect because the recuction of the meshes will lead to a reduced attraction current. The instruction for this monitoring is conducted by the  LAVES. Parallel there is a plan for a function control of the new fishladder that is built up at Bannetze (Completion october 2009) .


On the 27th of August 2008 (picture on the left) there is no water running over the inflatable weir due to the little discharge of water. But the fishway works (see picture below) as designed for this discharge.

Personal note 10.10.2007:
The inflatable weir is ready to work (picture above). The old weir is broken off. The new Verticalslot-fishway is installed (500 litres/sec) with an additional attraction current, that does not work at the waterlevel on the upper picture but.
For the downstream migration there are several bypasses near to the inlet at the hydropowerstation. The bypasses are  both near to the surface and near to the bottom line.  The function control within the fishway is not planned ideal and should be conceptional thought about (see picture below). On the one hand the fishtrap should be installed cross to the flow direction to enlarge the attraction current an on the other hand the bottom connection is not ideal.

Fischway (the old fiishway is now filled up with concrete) : Basin-fishway with big basins (app. 2,47 x1,80 m). Downstream-inlet directly at the mainstream.

Function control (information by Jürgen Wagner) : In the years 1953 to 1959 (besides 1956) there were fykenets installed which reported catches are in some aspects doubtable. In a survey of 1995 about the suitability BRUNKEN und MEYER say that this fishway is only restricted functionable (report is available). Beyond that it is partly damaged. 
Downstream migration:  at that time merely likely.


Anliegerverein: Fischereiverein Hannover