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AG of the fishing associations of Lauenbrück, Fintel & Westervesede

Contactpersons : Jens Engelken and Ralf Gerken topics :  Reintroduction of salmon and seatrout, ecological watermaintance, waterdevelopment, publication

Impairments : Migration obstacles, watermaintanance, waterpollution

Stocking and Catchstatistics from 1982-2007
Riverarea : Weser
River: Wuemme, Fintau, Ruschwede,Veerse
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On a visit on the 8.3.2008 I took the opportunity to have a look at the small but very fine hatchery of the workgroup. The young seatrouts from the spawners on the pictures below are now step by step ready for stocking.

On the picture on the right the front of the hatchery with an aquarium.




...organisation has to be !


On the left fresh hatched out seatrouts and on the right the young ones ready for stocking


Map with very demonstrative information - taken in the hatchery.

More than deserved for this project - the award - and stimulation for other projects !


Actual report(4.12.2007) of  Ralf Gerken after consultation with Jens Engelken :  "here a little intermediate report about the ascending seatrouts of the season 2007-2008.
There are many indications that in this year there will be as many seatrouts in the upper Wuemme (Fintau, Ruschwede und Veerse)  area as never before . If the spawning runs hold on like they do we will exceed all former results since our startup 25 years ago. Right now we have about 150.000 seatrout eggs in our hatchery Lauenbrueck  (= best intermediate result since 1982)by elctrofishing we caught 123 seatrouts since the 13.11.2007 (= also best intermediate result since 1982)."


the off stripp of eggs

very big seatroutmilter of the river Wuemme

nice seatrout spawner of the river wuemme

portrait of a milter