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...in good position to the obstacles may be a good option for fishes that are willing to swim downstream along hydropowerstation or weirs. The Installation of a bypassdevice in the Oker at Mueden (Lower saxony/Germany) had good results for migrating fishes (a survey report is available and can be provided). This is very important because in Germany there was the opinon that such bypasses are not of any worth.

In Falkenberg/Sweden at the River Aetran there is a bypassinstallation both for Smolts and Kelts and also for Silvereels. This Installation works very effektive for Kelts, as Mr. Alenas, ecolocyst of the city of Falkenberg told me. All the kelts take the way through the bypass and not through the 45mm screen in front of the hydropowerstation (pictures see below).

Outlet of the Bypass in Müden with a connection device for a function control during the buildingperiod











used Bypass in Mueden during building period

The Bypassinstallation in Falkenberg at the river Aetran in Sweden. Last spawningseason all kelts willing to swim downstream took their way through the bypass. In one control there were 40 (!) kelts in the controltank.

The bypassinstallation in Falkenberg/Sweden seen from the headwater.



The hydropowerstation in Falkenberg seen from the bottomwater. The channel with the bypass has also a denilfishway.